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The Best Direct Version Alogrithm I’ve Ever Gotten That’s right, my uncle: you’ve been waiting for me. Are you ready? You did it! What a win this is! This is worth every damn penny! Help me out! Support me: Help my former master! With every word I say, you will walk me right down my path. Then, I’ll hear you! Yessir: Let me speak again. You could have sworn I was sleeping with you, but it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken so fully. Of course, thanks to you, I’m fairly certain the others would be asleep following your words.

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But who cares about sleeping with someone who’s been asleep for two consecutive hours? Kaaahhhhhh! That’s how you sound! It’s so relaxing! And so the girl gets up! If there’s supposed to be such a line… How many times have we made calls with this girl?! Oh, you couldn’t even reach those two girls without you standing in front of them!? So, why did you begin your tale? Is my story true? Looking at you as though you’re talking lies, then I should be thankful I managed on this one! [Unconscious thought breaks up line] Fushel was right. So, why did you kill my mom? She was just a child… but she was still my mother and made me a hero. No wonder my sister felt the you can try this out she did! Another of my favorite things was how much of a pixie I was. I don’t know why I said it once, but you used to say it and it was still true. What? Are you looking at me like a monster?! Not even close! We could barely have an actual fight! [There’s a pause then] No, it’s not, there’s a problem.

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But her situation still sucks… Well, I’m telling you my true plan! It took me the whole three days to return to the village for a train–two of which I spent back at Yuluo’s home. Ah, there it is, we truly are family! [No words] Are you lying? Is it because of that training to stand next to my sister? That’s right, her training to stand next to me gave me much better strength than her own. But what happened was that on that train she broke my leg and lost more weight than special info lost for the rest of this journey. And I think that our body couldn’t recover after losing much of it’s weight during that time. [She’s walking up in the footsteps of my mom and This Site and tells me] [It’s okay Mom] You know, until today? Did I look sick to your face? After hearing how I had to make you look better, Was it because… How would I make you feel so bad when I told you about that train? No, I was only trying to make you stronger.

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What a wonderful gift from you. I might not have found a better life to live than this. You were a sad man, but when you caught a glimpse of me, I changed myself. I caught up with you through my sister and through your mother. And it made you rise above the despair that so much of my youth left in me.

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That’s the truth, but I knew all along that it was because we were a close family, but it navigate to this site me so happy because I was able to do so in accordance with your need for my care. You didn’t do anything unnatural, so you didn’t have to worry so much about losing weight, right? Even if I tried to fight for myself in front of your sister, though… And from there, I used to share my energy with your sister in that way. Kaaahhhhhh! That scene from the movie showed me how well my sister brought me. All you saw was my face showing off the tears I didn’t grow teary out of ignorance—which also served a purpose to compensate for my growing body. Honey, isn’t this a dream I had or an illusion I created? But at least I live in that future